Our multi-disciplinary team brings a range of skills and experience to deliver fast recommendations and sustainable improvements

Every local health and care system in England is struggling with the same issues – increasing demand, funding challenges and complex workforce issues.

But the solution in each locality is different to reflect the local mix of population, commissioners and providers. Everyone has a different history of how they have tried to solve these challenges. Some projects will have been very successful, others may be struggling. We can help you build on local successes.

Every area has its ‘wicked’ problems. If you are considering what you can do to help address these trickier topics we’d suggest that you give us a call. We are a small specialist interim consultancy that is focused on using our combined experience to help in these particularly difficult areas. We will work with you to undertake a rapid diagnostic project, at a very reasonable fixed price, to quickly assess the underlying issues and make recommendations to resolve them.

Key reasons to work with us:

  • Our multi-disciplinary team includes clinicians with primary and secondary care experience working alongside managers with experience in senior leadership, partnership, procurement, operational and project management roles.
  • We have extensive NHS experience and understand the real issues and constraints that you are facing and the need for pragmatic and realistic plans.
  • As associates, we have no expensive offices or fixed overheads so we can provide a high quality service at very reasonable rates.
  • We won’t just bring the plan we did last week/month/year for someone else and reword it. We will find an approach that works for you because your situation will be different for a variety of reasons.
  • Depending on your preference, we can then either help with the implementation by providing senior interim staff, or we can help you recruit your own team, or we can help you select the most appropriate organisation(s) to deliver the recommended approach.
  • Whatever the challenge you’re facing – whether its transformation, turnaround or just resource shortages – our interims will roll up their sleeves and help your team, adding value by transferring their skills and experience.