Diagnostic Service

Our starting point is a fixed price diagnostic project to assess your situation, analyse the data, benchmark performance, interview key stakeholders and formulate recommendations.

Depending on your preference, we can then either help with the implementation of these recommendations by providing senior interim staff, or we can help you recruit your own team, or we can help you select the most appropriate organisation(s) to deliver the recommended approach. Or you may need a combination of all of these to ensure that you get sustainable improvements.

Where can we help you?

Developing cost-efficient and transparent models of out of hospital care

The challenge might be integration, pathway redesign or improving efficiency. We specialise in evidence-based delivery, making better use of data from diagnosis through financial and economic modelling to hands-on support for your implementation.

Making clinical commissioning real

The challenge is to bring together such a complex stakeholder mix. We bring additional expertise to co-design with clinicians and social care professionals to encourage innovation and pragmatism.

Improving urgent care

From reduction in length of stay to complex reconfiguration. We support local health and social care economies with benchmarking and best practice to deliver clinically-led redesign and tangible improvements in front-line delivery.

Developing more effective planned care pathways

Developing planned care pathways in partnership with GPs and providers – helping primary and secondary care clinicians work together to ensure that they optimise the use of resources to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Maximising return on investment

Helping NHS organisations use information more effectively, pinpointing areas of critical capital and revenue investment need while accurately predicting the quality improvements or cost savings.

Meeting the Five Year Forward View productivity challenges

Supporting commissioners’ business planning and contract and partnership negotiations to meet the NHS Five Year Forward View challenge to save £22 billion over the next five years.

Addressing workforce challenges

The dual challenge is to understand the analytics and the trend and to predict fitness for future purpose – we support organisations through workforce planning, training and development planning, resource-scheduling & clinical leadership development.