Clinical Commissioning

Making clinical commissioning real – the challenge is to bring together a complex stakeholder mix. We bring additional expertise to co-design with clinicians and social care professionals to encourage innovation, pragmatism & results.

Out of Hospital Care

Developing cost-efficient and transparent models of out of hospital care – the challenge may be integration, pathway redesign or improving efficiency. We specialise in evidence-based delivery, improving usage of data from diagnosis through financial and economic modelling to support for your implementation.

Urgent Care

Improving urgent care – from reduction in length of stay to complex reconfiguration. We support local health and social care economies with benchmarking and best practice to deliver clinically-led redesign and tangible improvements front-line delivery.

Planned Care

Developing planned care pathways in partnership with GPs and providers. Exploring a range of procurement options, establishing referral management, or helping clinicians work together to optimise resources and deliver the best possible patient outcomes.